Motivation Monday- Feeling INSPIRED

Happy Monday! After a relaxing weekend courtesy of Phil, I am so excited for this week and the training ahead!

Thank you to everyone who has written to me about my blog and donated to my trip in the past few days. I am completely in awe of the support each of you has extended to me since my blog and fundraising page went up last week.

Inspired is a word I have often use when describing my experience with cancer and my amputation. It inspired me to do better and be better. But this weekend, every single one of you who has donated and/or read my blog inspired me to train harder. It is inspiring to know that there are some out there who have never met me and just read my story for the first time but thought I was a worthy cause to donate to. All I can say is  THANK YOU! We are over half-way to the fundraising goal!

Shout-outs to those who donated on Friday, Saturday and Sunday- Earl Barnes (a fellow paratriathlete), Michelle Doose (who I met through a UCLA-Livestrong Survivorship Conference), Annie Fraser (a very close family friend who I’ve known FOREVER), Mary Beth Morton, Mr. & Mrs. Egan, Dick and Marcia Hoyt, Staci Koski (my wonderful cousin), Chris Luersen, Ann Palmer and Bridget McLaughlin (two of the best aunts around), Lindsay Palmer (a fantastic cousin and cheering section for the NYC race), Will Mayberry (who didn’t laugh at me when I fell on my first road ride with a group), Tom McLaughlin (another uncle- can you believe how much family I have?) and of course, my Grandpa Jack.

Grandpa Jack is one of the people who inspired me during the Accenture USA Paratriathlon Nationals. He is an amazing grandpa. TRUST ME!

Grandpa and me at my graduation lunch. He would later tell me that he wished he was wearing a USC hat, not the UC Davis one. Diehard Trojan.


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