A tough but rewarding Monday swim.

Rough. That is how I will describe my Monday swim. I mean, Coach Bernard warned me. But CLEARLY I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be. It was tough but I made it through. And you know what the best part of a tough training day is? The feeling of accomplishment after. I still feel accomplished this afternoon, nearly 24 hours later. Also, you want to brag about it. But not everyone wants to hear about your training I have learned. So I try to ZIP IT. But still, that swim made me want to tell the checker at Von’s, “You know what I just did? Oh only the toughest swim of my life.” Let’s be real- he wouldn’t have cared!

I guess what is so exciting about that hard swim is knowing that about 7 weeks ago there was no way I could have done that. I owe a huge thanks to Coach Bernard for the swim help. HUGE!

This morning was my Tuesday brick which consists of spinning at Gina’s 6:30 spin class and then a quick run with a smaller group. I love Gina’s class! It is always a great workout and spinning is what started me on this path, so I always enjoy it.

Proof I am obsessed with spinning- 4.5 Hours on the Bike at CAF's Tour de Cove last year.

I also went to the Chinese consulate this morning to apply for my travel visa for China for the race! Woo! Though the trip to the consulate definitely snapped me into the real world and made me realize how much training I have to do.

Shout-out to those who donated on Monday and Tuesday and catapulted us past the goal– An awesome triathlete from TriFit, Haylen van Koppen; a few ladies that remember me running around my dad’s office back in the day, Kris Anton and Brenda Daly; my wonderful aunt and uncle, Larry and Connie; some awesome friends from Davis and high school, Claire Van Zuiden and Stevie Swanson; my silly roomie, TPED; one of my best friends in THE whole world who I practice my comedy acts for (she laughs at everything- I’m not that funny) and who has encouraged and supported me since the day I met her, Danielle Muniz; and of course, my fantastic handler from my National race (who is also a killer triathlete), Meg Annett!

Meg and I celebrating after. I'm pretty sure within the first 5 minutes of meeting we did a fist pound and we said we were going to be champ!

HUGE MOVES IN FUNDRAISING YESTERDAY AND TODAY! You all helped me reach my goal to get to Beijing! Phew that was fast. I know I keep saying this, but each and every one of you is inspiring me to train harder! I will continue to fundraise for the coming week as there are other costs that I did not include in my initial fundraising goal, so if you are interested in supporting me you can visit: http://raceforareason2011.kintera.org/DaniellegoestoWorlds



One thought on “A tough but rewarding Monday swim.

  1. Elle says:

    I think what you are doing is truly beyond inspirational! Claire Van Zuiden is helping me train for my first 1/2 marathon, and while I am physically getting my butt kicked, I just keep remembering your story and all that you have gone through. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to helping you get to Beijing!

    Well done lady!

    Danielle Vaticano

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