I live in a dream world when it comes to track workouts.

I like to live in a dream world when it comes to track workouts. TriFit Multisport sends out an email every week saying what the workout is going to be but I don’t receive it. And I like it this way. Or at least I did… until yesterday. You see, I usually enjoy not knowing what the workout is going to be until I arrive. I honestly think it helps me get out of bed for the workout. Because if I had known what was coming yesterday morning, I might have hidden under the covers.

I’m usually one of the first to arrive to the track and warm up. So there I was jogging a slow half mile to warm up when Audrey (a killer runner- 2 marathons in 3 months!) joins me. She mentions that today’s workout is going to be tough. I inquire. Well, we were going to be doing 2 mile repeats, 3 times. Each mile pace would decrease by 20 seconds. If you are rolling your eyes at me right now thinking this doesn’t sound that hard, then get out there and try it!!! 6 miles on a track is not fun. 6 miles on a track WITHOUT an Ipod to entertain you is even worse. Send me down to the beach for a run and I’ll go for more than 6 miles. But on a track? Ick.

Now, I may be complaining about it here but I did it. And I enjoyed doing it! And I felt accomplished after. There’s that word again: accomplished. That being said, this is why I live in my dream world and show up on Wednesdays to the track without knowing the workout. I love running and the track and knowing the workouts ahead of time might make it less enjoyable for me. I personally don’t want another hurdle to get over when I’m getting out of bed at 5:30 AM and stumbling in the dark to find my prosthetic so I dash to the coffee pot.

See? I love running! I smile the whole through it. Side note: This was my FIRST 5k ever and my good friend, Carolyn, happened to catch me after mile 2 smiling away!

A brief story about me and running- Before I lost my foot to cancer, I ran for exercise. I’d run for 30 minutes after school because it was the “healthy” thing to do but didn’t enjoy it much. I was having pain at this time so that could have had something to do with it. After my foot was amputated, I had heard I would be able to run again some day and was looking forward to it. However, my first two prosthetic legs were uncomfortable and would not allow me to run. I tried though but after a mile was in pain. Trying to run on a walking leg also resulted in cracking below the “toe” area of the prosthetic. Super glue fixed that right up. When I started with my new prosthetic company and received a lighter and better feeling prosthetic, I tried running more. It was more of a run/walk and maybe only 2 times a week but I really enjoyed it. I developed more as a runner during the past 2 years but was still running on my walking leg. I had upped my mileage to around 3. And then I decided to sign up for my first 5k. Because really, all I wanted to do was RUN. Some of my closest friends from Davis (and many of Pi Phi friends) are very into running and since I had never been able to run with them during school, I hoped to be able to do so eventually!

I was so nervous the morning of the 5k I thought I was going to get sick. I thought I had bitten off way more than I could chew and kept worrying that I wasn’t ready to do it. I was thinking about how disappointed I would be if I had to walk at any part of the race. But I reminded myself that this was for fun and to challenge myself so I should try to enjoy it. When that race started I just went for it and of course, my competitive instinct kicked in and I started wanting to pass people. So I did! When I crossed the finish line without walking at any point in the race, I was thrilled! And hey, if I could do run a 5k, I could do a sprint distance triathlon. And here we are today! Running 6 miles around a track on an awesome running leg (thanks to CAF and RGP).

Oh ya- I swam yesterday too. Distance swim which I really enjoyed. Its quick, that’s probably why!

Shout out to the following donors– Milicent and Warren Rathbun; my colleague (and talented singer), Rebecca Rice; fellow Aggie, Danielle Vaticano; and Erin Morgan.

If you’d like to donate, please visit: http://raceforareason2011.kintera.org/DaniellegoestoWorlds

Check back tomorrow for more news on my workouts and PERHAPS a countdown to Beijing. Once again, thanks for following and your continued support!


One thought on “I live in a dream world when it comes to track workouts.

  1. Audrey says:

    Danielle! I totally forgot to ask you what your blog was at track today, but then, as it turns out, it is the first link that shows up if you google “Danielle, trifit.” Anyway, I love this – so inspiring. P.S. Thanks for the shout out 🙂

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