But really, how much time out of your day is it?!

Before I get going, Happy Friday!!! Now on to today’s thoughts:

When its tough to motivate myself to get into the gym to train or more frequently, when a workout gets  grueling halfway through I remind myself that this is only a small part of my day and the training will only make me mentally and physically stronger.

Yesterday’s swim was particularly hard for two reasons. The first reason is that it was the same tough workout I described on Monday- sprints and at race pace. At almost every rest between sets I end up trying to catch my breath. The second reason is that this swim was with Coach Bernard. When I’m in the pool (or track) and the Coach is around I definitely push myself a bit harder to prove that I’m serious about the sport and am putting in the time and effort. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard during all more workouts. I just challenge myself more during a coaching session.  And even though the swim was hard and at points I wanted to ask for 10 extra rest seconds, I didn’t.

You know why?! I was able to push myself to continue through some mental talk. I’m not sure if this is a part of your workout routine but I find myself doing this daily. What am I talking about? I’m referring to self-encouragement and reminders of why you are there and what your workout stands for. For me and my tough swim, I reminded myself how far I had come, where I was going, and how this was only a teeny, tiny part of my day.

Remember how far you have come- 8 weeks ago I was out of breath after at 250 yard swim and now I am swimming longer yardage and at race pace. Every time I get in the pool, I can feel how much stronger I am as a swimmer. Not only am I stronger in the pool but I’m confident in the pool too. I used to freak out when it was a swim day on my schedule because I worried about having to take my leg off in front of all those people and also worried I wouldn’t finish the workout. Yesterday I knew it was going to be hard but I WOULD FINISH!

Remember where you are going- In a few short weeks, I will be in Beijing racing. So I better be pushing myself in that pool. Plus, I have to report back to all of you.

A workout is only what? An hour or two out of your day? I remind myself this constantly and that it is a commitment worth making and finding time for. I think oh please- you think this is hard, didn’t you survive cancer? Stop being a baby. As you can see, I’m a little tough on myself. But I think its a good thing!

Right before the swim start at LA Triathlon Series. After this race, I knew it was time to get serious about my swimming.

Swimming has definitely been the most challenging part of triathlon for me but also the most rewarding. Like I described above, it used to be so daunting to me that I would have to take my leg off at a pool to swim laps. Now I could care less! And that is something that I constantly notice about triathlon’s effect on my daily life- I’m not ashamed of being an amputee anymore. I wear it proud! Woo!

In other exciting news, my wonderful office (USC’s School of International Relations) has put a brief story about me on the School’s website! http://dornsife.usc.edu/sir/news-and-events/

SHOUT OUTS- Fellow amputee who is running a raced a month this year, Jacquelyn Owens; one of the silliest and most supportive friends from high school and college, Leslie Christofferson; Andrew Goldstein; Yang Zong; and my running and healthy living inspiration and dear friend, Shanna Wagnor (aka WagFam4).

If you want to donate, visit http://raceforareason2011.kintera.org/DaniellegoestoWorlds

P.S. Sorry for all of the exclamation points on this blog. I don’t really talk like that  in real life.


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