5 days. Scary!

So in 5 days I will be sitting on a plane on my way to Beijing! I am getting so nervous for the race but also really excited!

One exciting thing that has been going on this week- The Santa Monica Mirror came out to interview me on Monday for a piece on me and the race. This morning, Roger (one of the reporters) came out to snap some pics of me during the track workout and to talk to Coach Bernard. He asked some really interesting questions that I don’t really think about that much. One thing he asked me was about my daily routine and how that has changed since becoming an amputee. It was something I used to notice a lot early on but now it has become second nature- that is putting my leg on when I get up in the morning and taking it off when I go to bed. In the beginning, I would take it off ALL THE TIME- as soon as I got home from school, when I was watching TV or lounging around. Now I don’t normally to that. I think for 2 reasons:

1. I’m used to wearing the prosthetic leg at this point. I don’t notice it as much as I once did

2. I don’t sit around all the much anymore so I don’t have as many opportunities to take it off.

Anyway, the article (and video- OOOO!) are supposed to go up Friday. Keep a look out at www.smmirror.com.

I think my last post was Tuesday, so I guess I will back track to Wednesday. Wednesday was a great track workout- I definitely was sore after that one but I LOVE that feeling! Thursday was my spin/strength workout. Friday I swam 1250 yards outside at Pacific Park Pool in Glendale. I love swimming laps outside. Well really I love it because I want to be tan. I also find it more relaxing with the sun shining down on you.

I took Saturday off to spend some time with family, more specifically my cousins. While the occasion was quite sad, it was wonderful to hang out with all 6 of my female cousins ranging from freshman in high school to me, the old fart. We played spoons (watch out its brutal), gossiped and then had a sleepover at my apartment. All of this was filled with lots of giggling. I think it was JUST WHAT I NEEDED during this time.

Sunday I ran (felt awful) and Monday I swam (felt good but a little sore in my shoulder). Yesterday, I went to Gina’s spin class and then ran. Her spin class was AMAZING yesterday! So great and so tough. I felt fantastic for the rest of the day  because of that!

This morning’s track workout focused on technique. It was an easy 4 miles and on the odd laps we focused on high cadence. I enjoyed it!

My Team USA uniform should be arriving any day now and once I get it, you’ll see it! Exciting stuff eh?

A special shout out to Sharon McCracken who helped me hit the 4000 mark. Sharon (a good friend of mine’s mom) logged onto the fundraising site to donate and noticed I was near my goal (but would need an extra generous donor to get me there). She decided to be the donor! I was shocked when I logged on Friday afternoon and saw that I hit 4000. Thanks for your generosity Sharon!

Other amazing donors: my aunts Judy McLaughlin and Molly Turley (or Mary Molly to some of us); my very supportive supervisor, Linda Cole; and Margaret Camomile.



One thought on “5 days. Scary!

  1. YOU ROCK D!!!!!! So excited for you. Kick ass and take names!

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