And we’re off…

So here I am waiting to take off for Beijing!! I hope to be able to blog while I am there so keep visiting to see how things are going!!

I received some great news on Friday from Coach Bernard that Triathlon Lab had generously located a time trial bike for me to race on in Beijing!! It was really nice of them to help me out. So I had a bike fit and rode Saturday morning followed by a quick mile run. Being on the nicer bike, I could definitely feel a HUGE difference! I felt like I was cruisssssing! Bernard did another fit with me yesterday and then I took it back to TriLab to box it for travel. So a huge thanks to Lloyd and everyone at TriLab Santa Monica!

Packing was chaotic as usual and I almost forgot my wetsuit! I’m not the best packer and have never packed light once in my life. Guess I’m a little high maintenance! But I got packed up and here on time. I was definitely nervous about traveling this time and didn’t really want to leave home but I just kept reminding myself that this was for my grandpa and what he would have wanted. The 3 TSA people I interacted with all wished me good luck so that calmed me down a bit.

Last thing before signing off- I want to give a special thanks to Steve McPherson who is part of the Wednesday track group. He gave me a goodie bag of triathlon stuff a few weeks ago and to top it off, offered up his wife’s bike for me to borrow for Beijing so that I could be riding a better bike. Thanks for the support Steve!!

Anyway, I’m off. I’ll try to check in soon! Thanks to everyone who has supported me in the quest to get to Beijing!


One thought on “And we’re off…

  1. Audrey says:

    Hi Danielle! We missed you at track this morning (it was the 1600, 2×800, 4×400, 2×800 and 1600 workout again – fast as usual) and everyone is sending good thoughts your way! Hopefully you are having fun and staying relaxed for the race. I’m so excited for you!

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