Another Busy But Successful Weekend

I cannot believe it is already Monday again! I was hoping for a very mellow weekend but it turned out to be very busy but very fun!

On Friday after work, Trisha and I went to IKEA to continue furnishing our very spacious apartment. We’ve both been so busy we’ve barely managed to hang anything in our apartment! It was a successful trip followed by some deeeelicious late night sushi! I know I swore to a lot of you I didn’t want Asian food or rice for a while but I caved.

Saturday morning I finally got to sleep in! I can’t remember the last time I slept in until 9 on a Saturday. I got up and did some stretching after that because I have been feeling extremely tight since returning from China. After that, it was off to the premier of Dolphin Tale with Challenged Athletes Foundation! The movie was so cute and I especially enjoyed the footage at the end of actually Challenged Athletes visiting Winter (the dolphin who lost her tail) in Clearwater, Florida. Now I want to visit! Afterwards, there was an afterparty full of delicious food and lots of activities for the kids. I kept wishing my sisters were there to enjoy it! CAF had a booth which I spent time at talking to various people about CAF and racing. Winter’s prosthetic tail was there too! I had a great time talking to the other CAF athletes. I met another young woman who is a Symes amputee and I encouraged her to consider swimming or some athletic activity, describing what it has done for my self-confidence and how empowering sports are. I left with a smile on my face and was so happy to take part in that.

Winter, the dolphin from the movie, who had her tail amputated because of infection.

Sunday morning, I rose bright and early for the Malibu Tri. I mean bright and early people. LIKE 4 AM. The 4 AM that my neighbors still think it is appropriate to be singing and playing guitar at. Jeesh. So I was a little cranky but I had my coffee and felt much better. Three other members of TriFit picked me up so we could all drive out to the race together. When we arrived, the race volunteers tried to divert our car to another much farther away parking lot so I did it. I pulled the I have one foot card. I rarely use this as an excuse but if they were going to make us park 3 miles away from transition only to have my run 4 miles later in the day, I was not going to take it! So we got to park only a mile away. Not nearly as bad.

I raced on a relay team with Jason, another member of TriFit, and Bernard, my coach, for the Classic Distance. The classic distance is in between Sprint and Olympic.

Jason marking me before the race.


This race was my first triathlon relay. I felt so great upon arrival because I knew this was a no-pressure race and the first I have done since getting my running leg that I didn’t feel I had to win! It was also special for me because I have not raced at a venue where I have been with others from TriFit. I got to race in my TriFit kit which was also great!

FInishing the run strong!

I finished the 4 mile run in 30:49. I felt a little sluggish and still tired but at a 7:42 pace, who can complain? Apparently I can. I wanted to be faster!

It was such a beautiful day at the beach so we hung around longer than I normally do after races. We finished 14th out of 80 coed relay teams which I think is pretty great! Had we registered in the Paratriathlon relay division, we would have won by nearly 7 minutes!

Coach Bernard and I after the race.

After we left, a group of us went to lunch and I inhaled a turkey burger. YUM. My go-to post race food: breakfast for lunch or a turkey burger. Trust me, at this point you’ve earned a yummy meal!

All in all a very successful weekend but exhausting. Back to training this week. See ya later relaxation, let’s get back to the routine!



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