Let’s talk about foam rolling.

It hurts.

There. We talked about it.

Since racing in Malibu last week (which was by far the most fun I have had at a race in my short racing career), I’ve been in pain. Seriously hurting. Let’s go back in time to my return from China and I’ll detail this.

I got back from China and immediately noticed my knee was hurting when I went down the stairs. I often fear for my right knee because of the over-compensation it has tolerated for years. Even before my foot was amputated, I was depending on my right leg much more than the left. Anyway, I decided. This is it. I’ve made a HUGE commitment to continue racing and dedicating myself to the sport of paratriathlon so I NEED to take care of myself. So I booked an appointment at SportsFit with Dr. Rick Rafael (oh ya, I’ll be calling him Rick from here on) and was proud of myself for focusing on getting this knee healthy. Rick knows how hard I have been training because he shares a space with TriFit MultiSport where I had my bike fittings and where Coach Bernard’s office is.

And then I raced Malibu. I used the foam roller the night before to work on my IT bands and felt good during the race. I came home and then it hit. Excruciating pain in my IT bands. I tried rolling it out. OUCHHHH. Cringe. I rolled them out Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. It never got to feeling better. AT ALL. When I arrived for my appoint with Rick I was hurting. He looked at my knee first and had me squat on my one good leg. Immediately he knew what was going on. My glut meds! Oh really? They’re weak! Glut med is weak which is causing my knee to turn in a bit (there’s that pain) and causing my IT band to try to pull the knee cap in (ouch again). Okay, I’m no physical therapist so that may be a horrible description but I’m doing the best I can!

So the rest of the appointment went like this: Rick worked on my IT bands (talk about painful, try having an elbow dig into YOURS), Phil worked with me on various exercises to strengthen the glut med and then some electrical thingy on my knee (OWW). But guess what? I feel so much better today.

But to make the situation even worse, everyone is telling me to rest. This is tough for me. I am just so freaking excited about everything that has happened for me this year that I want to continue to train and get better. But I have to remind myself I need to rest in order to get better. So my week did not consist of a lot of training. BOO. I missed Spin on Tuesday (made me sad) and then track workout on Wednesday (now I was devastated) all to rest. Okay fine, I got on the Spin bike on Tuesday because I was so antsy I had to do something. You caught me.

I’ll rest a bit more this weekend. Hoping for an easy jog. But I know I’ll be resting because I’m off to San Diego to celebrate the birth of one of my dearest friends, Danielle, and me, Danielle! Yep same names, same last initial (M) and birthdays just a few short days apart. But alas, I am a whole year older and am approaching my quarter century mark on Monday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and good luck to everyone racing especially my friends doing the LA Triathlon!


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