Running to redeem a bad day

At the end of a tough day, I often find myself day dreaming about going for a run and then zipping home (okay, not really zipping I mean I live in LA- have you SEEN the traffic?) to throw on my running leg and get out the door.

That was exactly how yesterday went down. But it really starts on Monday.

I took Monday as a day off after the M3 race to give myself a little time to rest. Well really, I went to the gym to swim and realized how tired I was so I left. Big fail.

I woke up determined on Tuesday. I was going to go the gym and have a great swim! It was going to be fantastic and hard and I would walk away from the pool feeling like a million bucks. So I swam. Did I feel like a million bucks? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I felt like I forgot how to swim. Ugh!

So I decided to get on the bike (my favorite thing to do) to make myself feel better. And I sure felt better! I did some training exercises from physical therapy and went home.

And now back to yesterday. It was a tough day. A no good very bad day. Things went wrong. At about 2 pm, I started thinking about my workout. I had planned to go for a swim to redeem myself but I didn’t want to swim! I needed that rush from a run, that feeling that even though I may not have conquered the day, I conquered the run. It’s kind of like an addiction if you think about it. Sometimes nothing else can help but a good run to release the tension and make you feel like you own the world again. Plus it was 90 degrees out, so I was in need of some sun too! And as soon as I put on my fuel belt and running leg I knew my bad day was behind me. I hit the road and felt like I could breathe again. I LOVE THAT FEELING. I ran about 5 miles and got home and that day was gone.

That’s why I run. To feel on top of the world again even if its my tiny little bubble of a world. You feel powerful. And it erases any mistakes that happened before that run.

I hope other people have this feeling about running at the end of a bad day and if not, try it! Conquer the run even if you can’t conquer the day. 


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