The Beauty of Caring- Cancer and Careers Event

Last Thursday, I went to a wonderful event called the Beauty of Caring at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica put on by Cancer and Careers. I was so excited when I found out that the event was going to finally be in Los Angeles. I read about it awhile back but more often times than not, I find an event I’d like to go to (usually relating to cancer) and they only have East Coast opportunities! Give the left coast a little action over here!

As soon as I found out about it I registered. I don’t usually go to events on my own because I get a little shy when I don’t know anyone but I was looking forward to The Beauty of Caring so I dove in. The event is for the working woman who has or has had cancer. It is sponsored by Shiseido and SELF Magazine.

When I arrived, I spotted a familiar face and was relieved! It was Julia, who works at the Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center. I met Julia at one of my first survivorship events and talked to her about my desire for a Young Adult Survivorship Program in the West LA area. Two years later, the Cancer Support Community has revived its group! Wahoo!

Anyway, I was so glad to see Julia and catch up. She is such a wonderful person!

The program included 3 break-out sessions:

  • Career coaching and resume tips
  • Nutrition and Diet tips and relaxation methods
  • Make up application techniques from Shiseido beauty experts

As I have stated before, when I attend events with others who have been touched by cancer I am always touched by their stories.

The break-out sessions were very useful. I especially enjoyed the nutrition tips as I have been struggling with several food intolerance issues recently and the nutritionist had many helpful hints! Quinoa, quinoa, quinoa is what I got out of it! We did some yoga for relaxation as well.

I had such a great time and was so thankful to have the opportunity to attend such a great event catering to those of us who have had cancer. I am hoping that Cancer and Careers continues to develop more programs because I am certainly interested in them.

If you are a survivor and have the opportunity to attend, please do! It is so worth it!


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