After a brief hiatus…. we’re back!

So I haven’t blogged in about 2 weeks for several reasons: I’ve been busy and feeling a little uninspired to write. But I’m back.

A few quick updates:

  • I did not run LA Rock and Roll Half Marathon. As excited as I was, I needed to listen to my body. And the lady told me her knees and shins were hurting far too much to run 13 miles. Now you might say, well you can run/walk or just walk most of it. But my response to that is: DO YOU KNOW ME? I’m competitive. I’d tell myself I was going to run/walk but then once I start running I can’t stop. So there you have it. My first half marathon is still in my future but it’s important for me to listen to my body.
  • I am going to be featured in CancerToday (formerly CR Magazine). This is a relaunch issue and the section I will be in is called, “Life Beyond Cancer”. When it is available online I will link you all to it!

This past week I was contacted by a member of Pi Phi at Davis to help her with a paper for her Upper Division Writing Course. (Of course, I would help her because that class was the bane of my existence senior year.) The assignment was to write a piece on someone who inspired her. I was very honored that she reached out to me to help her with this. She asked me some great questions which forced me to continue to reflect on this journey. (Have you noticed how reflection has been the common thread in this blog?)

The question that really had me thinking:

What is the greatest lesson you have learned so far in life?

I sat staring at my computer screen for quite some time. What lessons had I learned? Every one is different? Yes. But I knew that already. The value of surrounding yourself with friends and family and positive people? Yes. But none of these answers were hitting home. They didn’t sound right.

And then it hit me: Life Goes On. That is what I have really learned. There are a lot of hurdles in life whether it be cancer, like me, or your career or a difficult relationship. You will face those hurdles but life will still continue on. You will grow from many of the hurdles and life will go on.

So this concept has been in my mind since I hit send to respond to her questionnaire. And I thought I’d share with you.

Next time: My first mud run- pictures and tales from Muddy Buddy.


One thought on “After a brief hiatus…. we’re back!

  1. Audrey says:

    Danielle! Funny because I was just updating my blog when I saw your post. Hello! Ironically, I just mentioned you in my post today too – its about track. Don’t believe me? Here it is Oh, and I changed my blog address. THe other one was way too long and confusing. Are you going to track next week?

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