The Trojan Family

For those of you who don’t know or have not gathered it from reading my blog, I work for the University of Southern California in the School of International Relations. While I did not attend USC for my undergraduate education, I feel I have always been a part of the Trojan Family. My grandfather went here, my uncle and my cousin. I really wanted to go to USC but it wasn’t in the cards for me. Luckily, I work here now and am a part of the Trojan Family based on that!

Lindsay (my cousin who went to USC) and me before the USC-Stanford Game.

Since beginning my time here as a staff member for USC Dornsife, the people around me have been nothing but supportive and wonderful with regards to my slew of medical appointments (sometimes I worry a bit too much about those aches and pains), my back and forth treks to San Diego to have my new leg made, my crazy early work hours so I can race off to train, and my trips across the country or the world. I am incredibly grateful to have two supervisors who have cheered me on from the School’s offices and even checked my race results online to see how I did! I even brought my medals and trophies in for show and tell!

Several weeks ago I was contacted by the USC Dornsife Communications office after someone recommended they interview me and do a piece on a staff member. I was really surprised and excited to hear this! Their staff writer came by and interviewed me. After a few tweaks here and there, the story was released on Friday to the USC Dornsife News Page. I was really surprised to click on the page and find that image of myself there. I also absolutely LOVED the title of the article. Running Toward Greatness. She hadn’t let me in on this title and I may or may not have gotten choked up seeing that. Because I am trying to run toward greatness but more importantly I’m running to inspire.

And apparently that is what I have done. On Monday, it was posted to the main USC News site and included in an email on faculty and staff accomplishments and this morning it was added to the USC Dornsife Facebook page. Today, I arrived in the office to find it was smack dab on the front of the USC website. I won’t lie, it is REALLY strange to see your picture up and know that a ton of people who you have never met know your life story. In that short span of time since Monday, I have received several emails and personal visits to my office to discuss this article. I don’t let the interviews happen because I want to be “famous”. I agree to interviews because I want to raise awareness about Challenged Athletes Foundation, physically challenged athletes, and young adult cancer patients and survivors. I want to inspire others to conquer their own mountains. And this article did just what I had hoped: raised awareness and inspired others around my office.

Anyway, I guess this is when I’m supposed to say Fight On? But seriously, I am extremely lucky to work for such a supportive university.


3 thoughts on “The Trojan Family

  1. Audrey says:

    This is such a great article Danielle! The writer did an amazing job telling your story. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Inspired by you says:

    Hi Danielle,

    Hard to believe you are 25 and have accomplished so, so much. I’m twice your age and I look up to you. Thanks for sharing your story.


  3. Great Article on you on USC.EDU Danielle – so happy for you!

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