A long hiatus

I haven’t blogged in quite some time so I’m feeling a little rusty. Have patience, people.

Why has it been so long? Oh, well life got in the way. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been training and blogging is constantly on my mind. I mean on a daily basis I say to myself, “You should blog about this.” But I don’t.

Anyway, after the season wound down I did a lot of relaxing. Well maybe not a lot of relaxing (if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you know I can’t really relax). More like exercising for me and not training with a race in mind. It was nice to be able to decide my workout 10 minutes before I got to the gym rather than having the next 6 weeks of workouts planned out. I also ran. A LOT. And just kept running. I found myself running for me because it felt amazing. Plus I was really enjoying running at the beach during our sunny California January (anyone jealous out there?).

Here’s what I haven’t blogged about (Get over it, people! I can’t tell you EVERYTHING.)

1. TriFit held a spinathon to benefit CAF. So fun. So great. Thanks to everyone who participated. It really meant a lot to me that I was able to connect my two biggest supporters, TriFit and CAF!

Yes, I’m sweaty. I had just been on the spin bike for 2.5 hours. Check Lindsay, my supportive cousin coming through as usual, in the background.

Gina and I after the spinathon. Can not express how grateful I am to have met her!

2. I did the Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run (5k) in December and felt I had come full circle. This 5k had been my very first last year. Crazy how time flies. And how many miles of running I’ve put in since then. I’ll never forget how nervous I was then. This year’s race came full of silliness. The story goes like this: I went out on Friday night with some friends, thinking my race was Sunday. Maybe I stayed out late. You decide. My phone rang on Saturday morning at about 745. It was my friend, Liz, from my Pi Phi alumnae club asking me where I was. I was at home in bed of course! The race was Saturday. Oops. Not only did I want to be there to run with Liz, but I knew Gina and Bernard and everyone else from TriFit would be there. So I rolled out of bed. Oh, but my car wasn’t at home. So I ran (SPRINTED) from my apartment in Santa Monica to the start line. It was 2 miles away, people. Two miles before my 5k. I’m nuts. So I get there. I’m sweaty but laughing. I was disheveled to say the least.  Then, I ran the 5k. Then, I had to run home. Remember? No car? 2 miles? Ya. It was an adventure.

3. New Year’s came and went and I didn’t make any crazy resolutions like I did last year (remember I told myself I would do my first triathlon?).

4. The Ducks won the Rose Bowl! YAAAAAAA. And I was there. (Special shout out to my cousin, Jeff Palmer (59), who is their long snapper.)

5. The winter issue of The Arrow (Pi Beta Phi’s magazine) came out. I’m featured in the “Alumnae Spotlight” section. It feels like an honor to be a part of the magazine, I’ve read about so many amazing women in this section in past issues! Pi Phi meant so much to me in college and I’m still count many of those Pi Phis as my closest friends!

So there you have it. You haven’t missed much. I promise to blog more (I’m lying right now.)!


One thought on “A long hiatus

  1. Kari Blair says:

    From a fellow Cal Theta, you go girl! You are an inspiration at not letting the effects of C get in your way and having the best life possible-something I strive to do each and every day, as a brain tumor survivor. Good on you!

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