Adventures in running

After my last blog post where I described nearly missing the Santa Monica- Venice Christmas Run, I had a revelation. I have some great stories about running. Okay, not exactly stories. More like adventures. No? Mishaps? Yep, that sounds about right.

I set out on my runs with the best of intentions and then things happen. I fall and proceed to laugh at myself with people around watching me (yes, this happened two weeks ago) or get lost or decide 2 miles into a run that I’d rather be shopping and stop at the mall (pathetic.). You get the idea. So why not blog about my adventures/mishaps? My hope is that this will be a weekly blog post (don’t hold your breath!) on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. But that’s a lot of commitment so we’ll see.

Two Fridays ago, it was a beautiful day here (shocking.) and all day I was checking the clock and praying for it to be 3:30 when I could make a mad dash to get home and throw on my running clothes. Friday runs have become my ABSOLUTE favorite workout of the week. I like to do a good 5-7 miler down by the beach. It’s a perfect way to start the weekend! And if the weather is great, it’s even better. It’s my new thing okay?

So I get home, rush up the stairs, thrown on my running stuff and head out. (Back story: I had some adjustments made to my running prosthetic a month or so ago and its been hurting me. Same with my walking leg. Lots of pressure on my knee which resulted in a bruise I can’t seem to get rid of. I won’t get rid of it if I keep walking and running. OOPS.***) I love running on the boardwalk out to the Venice Pier. Once I’m there I enjoy a few minutes of the sunset and head back towards my apartment. (I’m so zen. Hah.) This is roughly 3 1/2 miles from my house.

I got about a mile and half into my run when my running leg started hurting my knee. But I refused to turn around. I thought oh its only another two or so miles then I’ll take a break if it’s hurting and then head back. So I pushed through the pain. I was really into the run and feeling good by the time I got to the pier. I took my usual few minutes to be thankful for where I live and then decided to head home. For some reason I chose to take streets this time and not stay on the boardwalk. After running about another mile (4 1/2 or so at this point. KEEP UP.), I was dying. I was having a seriously hard time running. And I was not happy about it.

First, I slowed down thinking that might help. Then I tried to walk. It’s pretty difficult for me to walk with the running leg so that hurt even more than running. And then I realized I had another 2 1/2 miles to go. This run, then walk, then run thing was not panning out. It hurt and would take me forever to get home. And I had plans people!

There were basically two options (the third- calling a friend- was out because I didn’t have my phone): ride the bus or catch a cab. Well the bus was out too when I realized I had no money.

And there I was hailing a cab on Ocean Avenue because I couldn’t run any further. Not my proudest moment. The driver probably thought who is this lunatic with one leg half running/half gimping a long on the side of the road? Ya well it’ll be a good story for him to tell. Plus he was nice. I was sniffling a lot. No I was NOT CRYING (I was actually laughing which probably made the driver think I had just escaped from a psych ward). I just get a runny nose when I run (DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE? It drives me crazy.) Anyway, he gave me a tissue. How nice.

There you have it. I had to take a cab home because I could not finish my run. Ridiculous. I was pretty scared to run last Wednesday but it was a great one. No cab fare required.

***BY THE WAY: This story is not meant for sympathy. I like to laugh at myself and thought it was hilarious the whole way home in the cab. So if you are feeling bad for me. Stop. It’s annoying.


One thought on “Adventures in running

  1. Danielle says:

    Hi, Danielle! My name is also Danielle, and I’m a fellow Pi Phi (NY Alpha). Last week I saw your blog link on the Pi Phi Facebook page, and I wanted to try and get in touch with you. I work at the National Women’s Law Center – a non-profit based out of DC that focuses on a bevy of women’s issues – where I manage our blog and social media accounts. Right now we’re gearing up for National Girls and Women in Sports Day, which is next Wednesday, February 1, and part of what we’re planning on doing is hosting a blog carnival. I think you have a really great story to tell and would love it if you’d be part of the blog carnival. If you get a chance and are interested, would you mind shooting me an email to chat about it? You can reach me at

    Thanks so much!

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