Adventures in Running- Part 2

Since I was such a sassafras in my last post, I decided you blog people deserved two posts this week. I promise this one will not be negative and hostile like  the previous one. (Seriously. Sorry about that guys.)

FYI- This isn’t going to be funny.

Before I moved into my cozy, little casa in Santa Monica, I lived in West LA in a funsy little house we’ll call “Selby Villa”. (I just read that sentence aloud and realized what an airhead I sound like. OH WELL.) It was fun and lots of people (more than 7!) lived there. I’d come home from work once or twice a week and head out for a run. This was right when I was returning to running. I ran the same route every time. I assumed it was 2.5, MAYBE 3 miles. As usual with running, the route sucked and was hard at first but then it got easier. Also, it had a few decent hills.

I ran this route A LOT when I lived there. I loved it. And I felt like I was progressing as a runner but I’d always look at my watch after my run and think, “WOW. I’m slow.”

One day I decided to do my usual run and take my roommate’s dog with  me. It was a perfect Saturday for running. I told Stacie I was taking “Bananas” for a run and where I was going. She told me it was too far. I thought that was strange. “Bananas” was a lab and she was only 2 or 3. She could definitely handle a 3 mile run! And then Stacie broke it to me- that was NOT 3 miles, it was a 5 mile run.

I still didn’t believe her. So I did the run and then used my car to measure the mileage. She was right! All that time, I had thought I was a slow little wussy runner. I was actually running 5 miles.

So let that be a lesson to you, runner friends- If you are going to time your run and compare your times, figure out how far you are running. Or else you’ll think you are a slow runner. Like I did. (I’m not slow, FOR THE RECORD.)


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