And then I swam! (For the first time in a LONG time.)

Guys. I did it! I went to the pool yesterday.

If we’re being honest here, I tried to put it off. I went home after work (I needed a snack! Don’t judge). Then, I sat on the couch and ate this snack while trying to work up my confidence to get back in that pool. But there was no backing down because I posted about it. So I HAD to do it. Or you readers might think I was a liar and I wouldn’t want that.

When I got to TriFit, I forgot how heavy the door is to get into the pool. On a normal day it is heavy. On a day, where you are on crutches and have to somehow maneuver your body and crutches around to get in said heavy door, it is TOUGH. Then, I realized I forgot that they added a sauna AND redid the pool deck. So I barely recognized the place! Looks good though!

So there I was. Just me and the Water. Oh and my snazzy goggles. And I started swimming. Let’s be real, I haven’t swam in a long time. No I am not going to tell you how long it has been. You all know that sometimes my swim workouts are the bane of my existence so I took some time off from those.

Swimming felt great! I felt good! I forgot how much I love that feeling of getting in the pool for a swim. Once you get going, it’s just you and the water. The silence and the rhythm of the stroke is so calming. I definitely felt my body relax.

I’m so so so glad I finally got in the pool! So yesterday pre-pool, I was feeling like I was at a 3 (mopey, blah blah blah. I know get over it. Things could be worse.). But post-pool, I felt like I was at a 7. Probably the most calm I have been in over a month.

After I left the pool and because I was feeling so confident, I went home. I put that stupid leg on and I went to the grocery store with 1 crutch. Yep, I went grocery shopping. On my own. Come on, it’s the little triumphs. So now I have food too. And food is love.

Physical Therapy starts tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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