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Last Friday, I met with my coach to discuss swimming and what I would focus on to get my training rolling. He gave me a swim workout. It was hard. REALLY HARD.

I swam on Saturday and Sunday. I almost died both times. First, it was raining. Normally this would be fine because I swim at TriFit and it is an indoor pool. But I went home. And the lap pool at home is OUTSIDE. OUTSIDE. So I had to swim in the pouring rain. It was also cold. Every time my arm came out of the water to stroke, it froze. There was steam coming off of the pool. I tried to pretend that I was practicing for “potential race conditions”. This is kind of true because if you recall it was raining during the swim last year at Nationals.

Anyway the swim was H-A-R-D. About halfway through I thought I was going to pass out I was so tired. Since my surgery, my energy levels are pretty low. These swim workouts are helping me work my way back up but jeesh. I swam for an hour and 15 minutes and had to come home and nap I was so tired. Pathetic.

Oh but it is not JUST swimming. Immediately after I jump out of the pool I’m doing some strength workouts with rubber bands. I’m tired just writing about it.

Now on to the BEST NEWS EVER!

On Sunday, I came back up to LA from San Diego. It was sunny, I was feeling semi-normal and thought, You know what? I’m just going to try to see if I can get my running leg on. And then I did. It fit! WOO! So then I thought, Well, if it feels fine, why not run for 15 minutes?


So you heard it hear first. I am running again. Definitely not at the level I was at. But running. Well I’ve only done it twice. But still we all know running makes me happy.

And I won a pair of Nikes on Tuesday. YES. Free stuff is the best.

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Moral Support

If you know me, you know that I REALLY love my family. We have LOTS of family gatherings and I actually enjoy them (I may have pouted my way through them from ages 14-18 because I wanted to see my friends. Who knows.)

I have a gigantic family due to the fact that my mom is one of 9 kids (Count it- Tom, Peter, Maureen, Kathleen, Ann, Bridget, Judy, Molly AND John). And they all have kids (I won’t list them). And my dad is one of 3 (oh, I know not THAT many) but also has 2 step-siblings. I won’t continue.

Anyway, I’ve been through a lot in this quarter century of life and one thing I have learned is that family is incredibly important.

I’m telling you this because I’ve had a rough few months and it has once again shown me how important my family is and how much moral support I get from them. So here’s my shout-out to my family (all 349809384 of you)- You guys are the best!

I’m also telling you this because my dad has been my superhero through a lot of these hard times.

Guys- this is my dad when we brought home our dog Lucy. He was reminding her that he was the ALPHA in the family. (His words. Not mine.) I’m ALSO showing you this picture because the man does not take photos. He doesn’t smile in them and this is the ONLY picture I have of him on my computer. COOL DAD.

While he is not the most affectionate guy (HAHA- this may clue some of you into why I also am not the touchy-feely type), he tells me like it is and helps me work through things. He definitely gives THE BEST advice around even if it may not be what you want to hear. Plus, the man has accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime (don’t tell him I said that).

This guy is also coming back from a BIG set back that required surgery. He tore his Achilles last year and it has been a slow recovery. He’s also really active so we’ve had the same issues with not being able to run, etc. So for me, it’s nice to be able to call him and complain to someone who ACTUALLY understands how tough it is. This has been very comforting for me to know that I am not ACTUALLY going crazy and that this is part of the recovery. (He’s probably going to grumble about me writing about him on this blog.)

I also have plans to kick his butt in a triathlon one of these days. I send him my swim workouts and it’s fun to hear if they are hard/easy for him. Can’t WAIT to smoke him at whatever race we decide to do. (I will definitely have pictures when that does happen. I’m laughing just thinking about it.)

Oh also:

Today my little sister, Georgia, turns 8! Happy Birthday George! You are the craziest little munchkin I know. And you talk TOO much. But I love you!

Georgia is the crazy one in the middle. These two munchkins are THE best!

Sorry if you hated this post because it was not at all related to training! Well it kind of is because you need that moral support to get through training and races.

Adventures in… Swimming?

I know I know. Weeks and weeks (maybe months?) ago I promised that each week I would post an “Adventures in Running” story since I’m a tool and silly things happen to me while running. I haven’t kept my promise. Sorry!

This morning while I was SWIMMING I thought to myself, “Hey. Maybe we should substitute swimming for running so all those people (Like there are so many of you! I’m still delusional.) reading your blog can see what you are up to.”

Warning: Swimming is not NEARLY as amusing as running. You don’t have nearly as many interactions (or none) with dogs, crazy tourists, or cars. Just sayin’. Don’t expect to pee your pants laughing over these swimming posts. Again, I’m sorry. This isn’t really an adventure. (Grumble grumble grumble)

So. In case you are living in a cave, I do not especially enjoy swimming. It feels like I am walking to my death every time I walk those 8 stairs up to the pool at TriFit. Swimming is also MOST DEFINITELY my weakness in the three portions of a triathlon.

Several people have commented (cough cough my coach, Bernard) that I should take this down time from the bike/run to focus on my swimming and learn to enjoy it and get better. While I hate this idea, I am trying to embrace it.

So, for the past month I have been swimming 3-5 times a week. (Also, my physical therapist says swimming reduces swelling. Reduce swelling=Danielle running.) I bumped into Coach Bernard several weeks ago after a swim. He told me to call him so we could get back in the pool.

I didn’t call.

I’ll tell you why. Pool workouts are hard. He kicks my butt. I practically hyperventilate and think I’m about to drown every time I go there for a training session with him. And I had taken SOOOOOOO much time off from swimming after Beijing to stare at my gold medal (I’m kidding. But REALLY that’s what I do these days- reminisce about the good old days.). When I say time off I mean I didn’t swim from September to January. Okay, I lied. I swam twice. Oops.

Anyway, my thought process went like this. I can’t call Bernard because his swim workouts are scary. I’ll start training in the pool on my own and regain my confidence/endurance in the pool. THEN I’LL CALL. But only once I’m ready. So I swam a bunch using old workouts he had given me. And I started to like swimming again. And I even started to feel like I swimming not just flailing around pretending to be a swimmer. YAY! (Be real. I don’t LOVE it. Don’t get crazy.)

And then I bumped into him again. So guys, tomorrow morning I will rise and shine to get my butt kicked. Pray for me.

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