So… I’m swimming. And going to Physical Therapy. And that’s about it.

First off– I haven’t written in a long time. I think it has been over two weeks. Actually I think it may be three. Whatever. Here’s how I justify not posting: This blog was created to inspire others as well as describe my training and races and frankly, I don’t feel inspirational AT ALL and am STILL NOT training OR racing. Because of this, I feel no need to blog consistently. SORRY.

Anyway, I’m sure you all have been sitting around wondering about me (HAHAHA, I’m so delusional). I imagine you saying, “Oh I wonder how that Danielle is? I sure hope she’s running again!”  So here is an update.

I lied when I wrote the title for this blog. I can do a little more than just swim and physical therapy. But it sure isn’t enough.

Here is what I am doing-

Physical Therapy– 2x a week for an hour. I like Physical Therapy. I really do! My physical therapist, Erin, is fantastic. I can tell she understands how important being active is to me and knows how badly I want to be back to training. We’re focusing a lot of strengthening my core which will help me with my cycling and running in the long run. My core sucks. I’ve known this for a long time. My legs are strong. That is about it.

Oh and I have homework. HOMEWORK? I thought I graduated. No really, I do the homework because it is extra core exercises to do in between our visits. Which means I’m working out. Kinda.

Also. Last week, Erin asked me to balance on one foot. I couldn’t. Basically, my balance has been off since my initial surgery. For those of you who have been around me a lot (especially those who saw me take some major dives after slipping on alcoholic beverages at parties in college), I trip a lot. I slip on the tile at the grocery store nearly every time it rains. I trip over my feet at the gym on a weekly basis. I’ve fallen down the stairs at my grandpa’s house more time than I can count. So now Erin is working with me on balance too!

Swimming- 3 times a week. I’m trying to embrace it. I feel much better after I swim but I still struggle getting myself TO the pool. Two Fridays ago I went to go swim. There were “high levels of chlorine” so I convinced myself I might be allergic to chlorine and went home. WHAT A FOOL.

Biking– TECHNICALLY, I am only allowed to bike for 15 minutes at a time. So I was doing this once or twice a week and then doing some strength training.

Off the record, I have been biking more than that. Here’s how the story goes:

The weather has been AMAZING here and I couldn’t take the fact that I wasn’t able to do ANYTHING active outside. So I went for a bike ride! OOPS. Apparently, I was not ready for this. I felt fantastic during the 20 or so mile ride. No pain or discomfort. I came home from the ride with a HUGE grin on my face. I was sweaty and I had been active outside! WOO!

But the next day I could barely walk.

OOPS again.

Big oops because I had physical therapy that day. And I gimped in and Erin told me no more biking. Only 15 minutes on the stationary bike. UGH! Just take away all of the fun why don’t you!

So I listened. For 4 WHOLE days.

But then I went for another bike ride last Friday. Don’t tell Erin. I just had to! How can you work out inside when it is a beautiful 80 degree day.

I know I am making progress but it is not happening fast enough. I like to think I am a “Go Go Go” type of person. Currently I am a “Limp, Ow, Go” person. I dislike her. You probably would too if you  bumped into her on the streets of Santa Monica.

I’ve been EXTRA sassy since my surgery but think that I’m starting to get back down to my old level of sassiness. On a scale of one to ten, I’d say I’m usually at a 5 but the past few weeks have been at an 8.5 or 9. I think I had WAY too much energy pent up and it was coming out as attitude. Now that I’m working out a bit more, I think it is getting better.

Another reason why my sassiness has leveled off:

VISITORS TO LA! Such a great weekend!

Okay bye. Sorry for the long post. I had a lot to say I guess!

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