Your Ego is Not Your Amigo and Other Words of Wisdom from Yoga

Yoga has always been one of those things that I’ve known was good for me but I couldn’t ever (okay, wouldn’t ever) make time for it.

I had a few issues with yoga:

  • It didn’t feel like a rigorous enough work out for me
  • I couldn’t shut my brain off enough to even focus on my breath
  • As a long time runner, I didn’t think I was flexible enough



A few months ago, I went to a spin class and the next morning I woke up with major pain in my lower back. It was a feeling I had never experienced and I did not enjoy it. Mainly, it was because I knew my body was telling me something. That perhaps sitting all day at work with little movement and then completing a rigorous few hours of running, spinning, and strength combinations was not good for me.

While I was out of commission with my back injury, I realized that I truly was not taking enough time to recover and stretch. I promised myself that I would  start going to yoga once a week. This seemed like an achievable goal.

I started going to Flow Yoga sessions about a month or so ago and I’ve noticed a big difference. The difference isn’t with my body though. I am not one to shy away from the anxiety I developed after having cancer and still face sometimes. Doing yoga once a week and finding calmness via my breath or the flowing movements or simply holding one position has truly helped me. I leave each class thinking about the commitment I made in the studio and how it can help me in my daily life. I find that I’m calmer (in a good way!).

A recent instructor used the theme, “Your Ego is Not Your Amigo” throughout a class. She reminded us that every pose in the class or every action during your day, does not need to perfect. We focus so much on what things “supposed to” look or feel like or what we are “supposed to” be like that we forgot to focus on what feels right for each of us in our individual ways. She reminded us that differences are a positive.

This really resonated with me in two ways. My differences (cancer survivor/amputee) have truly made me the person I am and I am grateful for that. Differences are wonderful! Differences make teams great. A diverse team can teach each other in many ways.

Yoga really teaches you to know yourself and be present which are important traits. So while I am a newbie to yoga, I’m loving it and seeing positive changes from it!



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